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Concerns for Un-Biblical Worship

Concerns for Un-Biblical Worship

(Excerpt taken from the current work on my doctoral dissertation)

The practice and programming of Biblical worship will be addressed in later chapters.  The definition of “un-Biblical” worship stated here is the approach or reason for worship that has been evidenced and manifested throughout churches in this world.  It is un-Biblical because the worship is no longer centered on God the Father, but has now been directed to many other targets.

  1. Personal Subjective Opinion of God

This is one of the more subtle deceptions when one considers the act of worship.  The key to understanding Biblical worship is to whom is our worship directed to.  Many, if not all acts of Christian worship, claim to direct their worship toward God.  But the question that remains to be answered is “What perception of God is being worshipped?”  All the major religions of the world claim to worship the one true God and various ecumenical positions hold that the God of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the same God.  If this holds true, does this mean that the program of worship implemented by Muslims is Biblical?  Does this same principle apply to Judaism?

God the Father, Yahweh, Jehovah, is a specific personality.  The details of His personality and character are revealed through His Word.  The God of the Bible is the God that is worthy of our worship.  Any other perception of God is unacceptable.  It must be the God of Scriptures, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

If a person claims to be worshipping God, but does not have the correct Biblical understanding of who God is, but rather holds a post-modernistic, personal, and subjective view of their own God, masquerading and perpetrating as the God of the Scriptures, then the worship of this said “god” is un-Biblical.

The simple truth remains.  For worship to be characterized as Biblical, the object of that worship must be God as the Bible reveals Him, not as our own personal opinions hold him to be.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals and churches who claim to be sincerely and genuinely worshipping God, but their interpretation and understanding of who God is, is skewed because they have not properly studied and interpreted the Biblical passages that reveal God’s personality.

The simple truth is how can one truly and Biblically worship God if they do not know who He is?  One cannot ascribe worship to one’s own personal idea of God and claim it to be Biblical.


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