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Easter? Resurrection.

As a Christian, I for one, cannot refer to this holiday as the “Easter” holiday.  Here is an excerpt from the sermon last year during this holiday:

Let’s discuss the term: Easter.  It has now been associated with Christ’s resurrection for as long as we can remember.  Unfortunately, the Scriptures nor any Biblical scholars ever agree that the term Easter should be associated with Christ’s resurrection.  The term “easter” stems from ancient polytheistic religions.  It is a pagan term dating back to the flood, the original beginning of the Babylonian empire.  “Easter” is the name of the Teutonic goddess of Spring or fertility, which was then associated Semiramis, the wife of the first ruler of Babylon.

As far as the bunny goes, rabbits have always been known as the sexual symbol of fertility.  Additionally, the easter bunny is associated with the mother goddess of Spring.  The easter egg, draws from it’s ancient traditions that the egg is a sacred symbol from where the Spring goddess of fertility, Semiramis hatched.

Isn’t it interesting that the act of Jesus Christ that destroyed death has now been obscured by the term easter, Ishtar, bunnies, and eggs, all of which come from pagan traditions that mock the story of Christ?  Isn’t it even more interesting that we’ve accepted it and never questioned it, not even church leaders today?  This is the reason why we try to change the thinking and call this day, Resurrection Sunday.

This day should be about Christ.  And too often, the word association of easter contains words of bunnies, pastels, and eggs, hunting and painting.  Today, we try to remind ourselves and teach ourselves new things regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The devil is the great deceiver and the father of lies. (John 8:44)  He’s taken this crucial moment of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice and has created a misconception that has not only infiltrated the general society but the Christian church itself!  Does anyone really think that it’s a coincidence that the automatic response to this day is that of pastels, bunnies, and egg hunts?  Do we really assume that during Christmas the character of Santa Claus just miraculously and coincidentally appeared for the convenience of little children everywhere?  Remember the line from C.S. Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters that the greatest victory that Satan has achieved is making the world believe he doesn’t exist. (paraphrase).  For us to assume that on the day of Christ’s birth and the day of His resurrection, these other fables have manifested itself by sheer coincidence would be buying into that very statement.

Even a subtle title change of acknowledging that this is the day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection to the pagan goddess of Spring is a victory, not for the Christian, but for the deceiver.  It’s even more sad that proclaimed Christian leaders all around the world still will not hesitate to call this holiday Easter, not because of their understanding of the term, but because of the name association that falls behind it.

“I’ve always known it to be Easter.”

Yeah.  And I’ve always known Christ to have risen from the grave, not because of deceit, but because of truth.

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